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Pursuant is a full-service fundraising agency, leveraging data & technology. Your donors now complete their online gifts at record rates. And I think that okay, that thread is a thread that involves technology because it’s not only the channels in which that message is being sent, but then it’s how that story is represented on the donation page and through the check outflow and even after the checkout float. And if you set up separate landing pages with separate checkout forms, that’s one way of identifying. You know, I think there’s potential definitely beyond the average. You know donations don’t have to go through the donors phone company that puts a cap on GIF ts. Mobile giving does not have to be limited to single or double digit gif ts. We’ve got lots more time for welcome your donors the right way. So what else do we need to talk about if you don’t? So it’s not every month, but I think you can do monthly as long as you are using it as a nurture touchpoint. Nothing’s coming to mind, but that’s why you’re the consultants in that. So we see you lose a lot after between one, three and four, right? So maybe that’s the month where you send that hand written note. Your thank you for being here for one year with us, you know, making it about them. Txt2Give makes it easy to receive donations using simple text messages. Listen Live or Archive: From Amazon to Zappos, there’s a lot you can learn from e-retailers to keep your donors in the checkout stream as they make their online gifts. My guests now are Matt Scott sitting closest to me. OK, yeah, I noticed matter-ness were on Mike, you’re more deferential than, uh Well, then all this *** that you were giving me before before. So to reduce abandonment, you want to get the right person to the checkout flow, right? Yeah, No, you’re you’re getting at is like, what are the technical steps that need to be put in place? Thank you so much if they come, if they beating you up, I feel about you know if if they make it through over this threshold, right and you know that it’s it’s really more than yeah, it’s more than superficial thinking past this. So, you know, in our session, we talked a lot about you know, when you, for example, are thinking a monthly donor. Don’t remind them that they’re giving every month they will leave. We all have so many subscriptions in our life, whether it’s Netflix or Lulu or you know, all of these things, that if they don’t feel good about it, then when the card expires or is stolen or core compromised not going to bother and I drop them might drop it, right?

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This interview, like all are nineteen ntcdinosaur views is brought to you by our partners at Act Blue Free fund-raising Tools to help non-profits make an impact. And, uh, if it’s okay handing it over to David because I feel like that’s where he picks up in terms of the e commerce checkout process and where that’s really critical in terms of the transition from content to check out. You will find it on the listener landing page at Tony that I may slash pursuing capital P for please. And the thing that keys in for me there is thinking about how the experience starts at the level of the ask and then the level of the intent of the donor. The different how we identify the different constituencies for these granular messages. I think the time you said I think, think of the time I’m saving you. Small, small gift donorsearch a mid level or higher level donor. Now we’re part of an even more special piece of this community, right? You know, where you kind of like your calling out to them? Every month you’re giving me a monthly gift, and then, you know, where do you want? I think the that standard used to be Don’t wake the bear, right? But anything that talks about matching gift urgent.

That’s asking for his little information as possible. What property they own, what, what non-profits They give to their address everything, and so that’s One of the reasons why we like to give lively platform is you can take as little information as possible, get that donation and then just pay thirty cents. Or it doesn’t look like a bill from, you know, your health insurance company or anything else right on DH. No one has ever said, Stop thanking me like in the history of effort, So that’s something that we’re constantly trying to reinforce with that, and then the newer, like the newer channels, all of the innovation with SMS and auto calls, or even live calling like those air usually add on so they wouldn’t show up in your audit. What you wantto I mean, I think that that’s exactly right. I think the one thing to consider and your audit as well is making sure is, Brennan noted, at the top of our conversation about that multi-channel experience. You that’s gonna happen in the future, too, is not only in the past. That’s a different level of engagement with the organization and the fact that they have that history already with you eyes very powerful. How could I possibly say no to im those now, everyone? So, like, what would you say about, like, not letting am not letting great be the enemy of good. Just like we we don’t have the bandwidth for all of the data collection or all of the data sank. You want to start with the focus on right, Because bang for the buck.

So capturing that email address in that zip code and getting right into the payment and and you’re getting right down to the nitty gritty then you’re worrying about Okay, now that I’ve already got this information, what additional information do I need to provide? That’s right, Yeah, So it’s thinking about what is Germaine to the donation experience as the only things that you should be asking a donor before the payment is actually made. Because if you have drop off, that goes, you know, down fifty percent. But they’re nice iterations to go above and beyond on DK and be done with volunteers and things like that out of my Mahler’s remembers. So just because someone is giving online, don’t assume they don’t want to hear from you offline. And so, if you can reference that relationship in the content as well, that will go much further and building strengthening that relationship in the long term. If you’re If most of your gifts are checks in the mail, let’s focus on those confirmation acknowledgement letters, the receives and and the welcome kit direct mail package kind of offline pieces. Yeah, that’s a good one example of a couple of good ones.

Wagner cps dot com and by text to give mobile donations made easy text NPR to four four four nine nine nine Here is reducing donor Welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit radio coverage of nineteen ninety si. It’s a non-profit technology conference coming to you from the convention center in Portland, Oregon. And so I think that that’s really important to have a singular content strategy that’s very user focused. That’s their e book on donor acquisition and had to make a smashing first impression with your potential donors. Acknowledge what Matt mentioned in terms of thinking about storm the content, right? Or you can use the contact page at tony martignetti dot com from and I never hear from you again. So not on ly first time donors, but volunteermatch comes a donor. And so how do you start to think them in a way that makes them feel like, Oh, my gosh. I mean, so there we were talking about it also talked about splitting the baby there because there are philosophical differences and conversations there. What kind of depends on what’s inside or the organization. Sure, people respond to that Second notice reminder.

Tony Dad, I’m a slash pursuing by weather CPAs guiding you beyond the numbers. And I’ve seen it time and time again, where established non-profits in particular they are their own biggest hurdle when it comes to getting getting in line with e commerce. And how can you make sure from the moment that they interact with your brand and are brought to your page to your checkout form that they understand you’re unique market position? The matter very politely requested It’s time for a break Pursuing the art of first impressions how to combine strategy analytics and creative to captivate new donors and keep them coming back. I wallet went one click, check out seamless, but we got we got a lot more time together that way. Yeah, and so you know, at first I think it be helpful too. They’re exceptionally bonded to the work that you’re doing.

The other 95% listen to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. So someone starts a starts to donate two or starts thie intent, or has the intent to donate to your cause and then leaves in the middle of it. And if our expectation is for it to be a seamless process to collect a little information as possible to have unique, engaging content delivered to us if we’re not thinking like that as a nonprofit organization, we’re missing out on consumer behavior, which are the e retailers, that you want us to learn from that really broad base. There’s an access to technology that brings the retail style practices to the non-profit. We call it the power of the paper clip because like, you can’t machine that.

The world that most everyone lives in on apply it to this non-profit space. And just so in case there’s any question want you define abandonment for us. You’re setting Well, yeah, you’re absolutely setting the bar too low, because we, as consumers, are also the people who are donating to charities, right? If you have big dreams but a small budget, you have a home at Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. Sponsored by: Transcript for 437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503.mp3 Processed on: 2019-05-04T.287Z S3 bucket containing transcription results: transcript.results Link to bucket: s3.amazon.com/s3/buckets/transcript.results Path to JSON: 2019…05…437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503.mp3.565239710Path to text: transcripts/2019/05/437_tony_martignetti_nonprofit_radio_20190503Hello and welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit Radio. For example, a simple donation, a simple check out flow a a checkup, though that doesn’t ask many questions but lets you get through it as fast as possible. So it’s those types of things that have kept non-profits behind. But it is a machine printing that Oh, yeah, but it looks like you’re just trying to create the experience of life came off their desk. I’m really surprised that second notice open open urgently. So having renew does well yeah, renew your membership right on the teeth. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join me each week to tackle the tough issues. So you know, we’re inspired by Amazon Zappos to some degree you thie experience at an Apple store, which, you know, in a way, is a kind of hybrid retail experience and generally taking best practices from that space broadly, even if it is in a specific retailer, it’s It’s some of the elements of what makes Annie retail experience common. I mean, we’re all experiencing these things on the e commerce side. Uh, the analogy between our our donors and ourselves as consumers? Sectarian give Lively is a response to that problem, which is looking at the world of non-profit tech and seeing that elements like digital wallets are not common, that something that isn’t available in the A lot of other platforms but that is available on the give lively platform. So if it anything that feels like humans have touched it will automatically get more attention. So, you know, looking at a donation from that works. Those air both PC I complaint writers in the case and in all cases platform like you’ve lively, never has access to a person’s donor-centric our information directly and through a wallet. One time use numbers that he used every time you make a purchase so that there’s no one number goes down or gets, you know, used inappropriately, and it’s not affecting any other element of your credit history. The standard is how we interact with brands on a daily basis and how we spend our money on a daily basis, and it’s really important to think about that. And for some, it’s been thirty years since we’ve seen them, but that common bond. Here’s that from twenty nineteen non-profit Technology Conference Welcome to Tony martignetti non-profit Radio coverage of nineteen NTC non-profit Technology conference coming to you from the convention center in Portland, Oregon. You, you and Brenna has disclosed that thes these interviews have a secondary purpose for her. That’s going to be another level of questions you have to ask. Well, is one that may say you’re making a twenty five dollar donation monthly. You’re you’ve not even moved beyond that first page. What’s really smart about wallets is how they hide. So it’s secure on hidden from both the payment provider themselves as well as a platform for writer. Okay, man, I’m gonna give you a break, actually, and I feel bad. Those brands have raised the bar your donors are experiencing that that high level of, of, of, of purchase flood. So I encourage youto get people together from the different phases of your life, whether it’s elementary school, high school, college, whatever. If you’ve got ah, if you’ve got this, I don’t know. This nineteen ninety si interview, like all of ours, is brought to you by our partners at Act Blue Free fund-raising Tools to help non-profits make an impact with me are brenholz homes and Chrissy hyre. Brenna, seated next to me is vice president for digital services and Chrissy is vice president Innovation Welcome back. Well, no, You mean you pretty much can’t make a credit card donation without putting in the billing address anyways, so it’s already part of the foreign fields to process again. Yeah, yeah, and those you know, those buttons should be front and center. And if I I hope no one listening to this who’s who is working for a nonprofit is ever dealing directly with PC high compliance like they should be using a vendor who is shielding them from that level of risk because that’s incredibly risky and a lot of a bureaucratic burden in order to get PC I compliant. So ah, lot of people haven’t been seen for years, and some even never even came to their other reunions. Acknowledgement letter goes even more like We love that wonderful. Yeah, they were saying they were pretty clear that you do not have to ask for address. The majority of non-profit websites today do they do rice.

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