Wpf binding in style not updating

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Wpf binding in style not updating - I am a girl and i want to have a sex chat

It’s an improvement over creating on every set, but not as good as creating it the first time you need it.The second thing that bothered me is all of the boilerplate that went along with it.

Pedantically (though sometimes practically), this is not as efficient as it could be.Instead, there’s a static object initialized at application startup.You pay a one-time cost at startup, and then everything is much more efficient after that.= value) before doing the setting or firing the event.The idea here is to prevent spurious event firing and thus spurious event handling.The next thing that will probably occur to someone after working with this for a while (or at least it did to me), is that it might not be necessary to create the same object every time a property is set.

And that’s really what’s happening–you’re creating a new Property Changed Event Args(), which is handed over to any event handler and then (probably) subsequently discarded.

You’ve eliminated two lines of code and a conditional from property setters.

Amortized over an application, this will make the code more readable, more succinct, and easier to reason about.

For instance, if you bound a XAML text box to a class property called “My Text”, the class containing My Text would implement INotify Property Changed.

This interface consists of just a single event, and properties fire the event when set.

The end effect is that, for the life of the object, you get the benefit from the previous example of a single creation and the additional benefit of not taking a huge hit at application startup for all (and some potentially unneeded) properties.

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