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It is also reported that we have captured their entire train. I think that perhaps in a few days we will have some reliable facts from that quarter. From him we gather some items in reference to the recent battle. The enemy's loss 25,000, of whom 7,000 are prisoners. The battle of Chicamauga [page torn] divisions (one of them Negleys). has resided in California for the last 9 years, (in Merced Co.) He returned to his father's near Booneville in January or February through Corinth, and is now in the service. A party of 300 Yankees came down in 3 or 4 miles Page 7 of New Albany a few days ago. The uvula is elongated and is presenting an unusual appearance and she became alarmed. Brice sent after Pa to go and set his arm which had got out of place at the shoulder joint while holding the mule he was riding, the bridle thrown across his arm, the mule became frightened and jerking the bridle, dislocated the arm. A covered was just passed through followed by troops dressed in black--the most of them--some however seemed to have on blue. Young fenced the tables and served the first table, Mr. Mc Daniel is much distressed her brother Worden Baird having been killed at Chickamauga. I do not doubt from the reports we have that a decisive victory has been gained, but I cannot but think that the results are exaggerated. He heard that we had not captured the enemies trains, they burnt them. This evening I have not done much but writing up my journal. The day has been pretty, early this morning and late this evening there was was burned out on the 19th. It is called the battle of Chickmaugua and was fought the 19, 20, and 21st inst. We have taken 68 pieces of artillery, stands of small arms, 150 , knapsacks, &c. This is the first reliable intelligence we have had in reference to these matters. The remainder of Rosecrans army retired in good order. They drove up from about Booneville and are on their way back to Ham's camp. They returned in safety, although Ferguson with 2 regiments was at Albany. Smythe is up on a visit from below, happened there and made an unsuccessful effort to set it. Have some items in reference to the situation in Chattanooga. Bragg's army is scattered from 2 to 7 miles this side of the city. Those that seemed to be black were really blue I suppose. Daniel Page 23 the second and I the third, at which there was no one seated but an old negro woman.

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550K Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999. Yankees were there, really, variously estimated at from 360 to 1500. It uncertain whether they went on down the Wolf's Ferry road or to Kelly's. There are no doubt movements along the M & C R R which are important but we can only conjecture what they are. I hear nothing confirmatory of the reported evacuation of Corinth. I saw a Missouri Democrat of the 15th, but did not read much in it. The Yankees took 6 pieces of artillery from Cleburnes division during the night. Up very early and breakfasted by daylight as Uncle Jo wished to return to camp by times. Longstreet's Corps occupy Lookout Mountain and it is said that with his artillery, he has complete command of the city. Redding Smith has called here on Friday was a week and told me would sing. Our idea was they were Yankees but where had they come from, that was the mystery After they had passed through Wile & I returned to the mules. A large congregation, especially of ladies, present. I also returned thanks and dismissed the congregation. This day has been clouded and appearances indicate rain soon. The Yankees have but one door of escape, that is across Wallen Ridge, but for some reason they do not fancy that route. A portion of the day we had some wind and in the wind it was quite cool. (Worthy had gone to Watson's to give notice of our fact.) When we got to the mules we learned that Worthy had returned and having received word that the cavalry we had seen were Ham's men, had gone with their stock home. The Ebenezer there was cannonading heard in that direction, and it is certain there was fighting near Salem. Songs I’ve written include The Glory of the Cross, Let Your Kingdom Come, Grace Unmeasured, and O Great God.We make all our guitar charts and lead sheets available for free download. I was a member from 1972-1984, but continued to write and arrange for them until 2006.The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH digitization project, Documenting the American South. The original is in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The slightly wounded are furloughed for 30 days, the badly for 90. About sundown they were at Snow's and took him prisoner. This evening we have reports of Yankees in another direction. Very much interested reading Josephus' 2 vol tonight. We hear many rumors but have but little on which we can place much reliance.

Any hyphens occurring in line breaks have been removed, and the trailing part of a word has been joined to the preceding line. The body of John Caldwell [was buried] about 10 o'clock. After the burial we did not have time for a sessional meeting. Pat Bryson is slightly wounded on the top of the head. They were reported to be coming down and at 1 1/2 o'clock, were between Rogers and Carrollville. Barry's to get some watches which Mc Allister had to leave there. The rumored surrender of Rosecrans may be true, but I am of the opinion that it is premature, originating from the fact that this is thought to be the only course open to him. He says it is certain that Rosecrans has surrendered to Bragg. He says there was a dreadful slaughter before they would give up.

My most well known GLAD song is probably In the First Light, which has also been recorded by Point of Grace, Todd Agnew, and Travis Cottrell.

Ironically, I originally wrote “In the First Light” for a local singer, Kathy Sinni, who wanted to sing an “all year round” Christmas song.

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All quotation marks, em dashes and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. The coffin was at the grave and his mourning friends took a last look at his face. Young [preached] the action sermon from John 21: 17 [page torn] Daniel fenced the tables and served--[page torn] the 1st and Mr. A good many of our members [were] detained from church by sickness [page torn] day. Agnew was severely wounded by a shell Sabbath morning and fell. He was struck on the hip above the joint, his wound is not dangerous. Ham's men are badly scattered at the different precincts and will not be able to do much. I give some credit to the tearing up of the Charleston R Road, for I know that preparations were made to this end. This morning was rainy but by noon it cleared up and this evening was bright and sunshiny. Bowlen from near Chesterville, passed just before noon. Bowlen says this was telegraphed to Okolona Saturday and Sabbath.

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