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Over the week, 40 of you will get to see what I believe are the finest spots in my homeland.

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We were well into the long and expensive process of getting our Greencards until one day I asked Dominique, "do you see us being here long term, considering we came for a year".Its been a long time since I've sat down and written a blog to fill you all in on where I'm at, and more importantly, what I'm at!In September my wife and myself made the very difficult decision to move home to Dublin, Ireland after four amazing years in New York.On the last tour they did of the States, I was close to rejoining but again, it didn't work out. I must say it was strange seeing him back and not being there with him.Then recently we all met up at a friends wedding in France and had a great time.Singing, laughing and reminiscing on good times from the past.

So shortly after, Sharon asked again if I would consider performing with the group. It was mentioned that there was going to be two Celtic Thunder performances in the States this fall and that it could be a great chance to come back and perform with the guys.

Most of the songs have beautiful stories and melodies written by many songwriters we know and a few we may never have heard of.

So my show is somewhat of a tribute to the great songs and songwriters of my country.

It will be my first time to do a solo tour in Ireland in many years so I am nervous but extremely excited about what lies ahead. Much as I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy my solo adventure, I have always looked back on my time with Celtic Thunder with great fondness.

On a few occasions Sharon Browne has asked me to come back and perform with the group, however on those occasions it didn't suit for one reason or another.

All concert details of the performances will be on their site solo work will continue and I am currently working hard on getting some nice dates and venues throughout America for 2016 and perhaps even farther a field.