Who is danny bonaduce dating

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Breaking Bonaduce is an American reality television series that aired on VH1, focusing on former child-actor Danny Bonaduce, and how his (then-) increasingly unstable lifestyle impacted his then-wife, Gretchen, and their two children.The series premiered in September 2005 and ended in December 2006.

The discussions are not one-sided, however: Gretchen's (perceived) decreased lack of physical affection towards Danny, is implied to have been a driving force behind Danny's adultery.At this fragile point in their relationship, Danny Bonaduce, ex-"child star", is booked to perform stand-up comedy at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas.This raises dangerous stakes: Can a recovering alcoholic/drug abuser who has just cheated on his wife, be trusted to behave properly while 'unsupervised' in "Sin City"?On the night of Gretchen's all-girl slumber party, Danny decides to go out with friends and drink until he blacks out. When we left Danny on the streets of Hollywood, he was ringing Gretchen's cell phone "off-the-hook", trying to demand that she not have male strippers at her 40th birthday party with her female friends.But when he finds out that male strippers are part of Gretchen's party plans, Danny demands a halt to production of the show until he can get his wife on the phone to discuss the strippers. When he finally gets her on the phone, she refuses to allow him to dictate what she can and can't do at her own party. Moments later, Danny has a volcanically violent outburst of blind rage.In fact, it's clear that he embraces running, body building, and even karate lessons in an effort to positively channel some of his excess angst.

But during a therapy session in which Gretchen reveals a secret about an innocent, funny photo she's taken with a male member of her band, Danny's jealousy and anger boil over, and he storms out of the session.

She keeps herself very busy with the kids, the house, errands and the plans for her 40th birthday party.

Danny struggles to cope with Gretchen's seemingly cold and distant demeanor, until his fear and pain send him into a fit of binge drinking and other destructive behaviors.

In the first weeks of treatment, the rehab team attempts to get Danny to a healthier place—physically and mentally. Eventually, Danny begins to warm up to some of their more `new age' methods, and attempts to behave.

Breathing exercises, yoga, spiritual-counseling—anything to get him to slow his mind down. But when the facility decides it's time to bring Gretchen in for a couples exercise, Danny becomes enraged with Gretchen's lack of trust in him, and threatens to quit rehab.

Ultimately, his inability to exercise any semblance of self-control leaves even Danny wondering if his marriage is in serious trouble.