Who bow wow dating 2016

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Who bow wow dating 2016 - vice ganda mga dating lalaki

When on the red carpet for the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards that fall, Erica was asked, "Is Bow Wow your boyfriend? Mena responded, "He's actually my Fiancé." The couple was plastered in headlines once more.

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But her rise to social media popularity has quickly grown since 2016, when she made her first Instagram post.

"Uhh..he's actually my fiancé," she revealed by surprise.

They are expecting their third child via surrogate in January.

I’m really, really proud of her,” Bow Wow stated about their break-up during an interview with Vlad TV in 2016.

Seven years after Bow Wow’s split with singer Ciara, rumors — which wound up being true — began to surface that she was dating Future, with whom she had a son.

It looks like Bow Wow and his girlfriend have been going strong for over a year now, but on Monday, he referred to her as his “wife” in an Instagram post!

Who is Bow Wow’s girlfriend, and did they get married? Bow Wow’s girlfriend is Kiyomi Leslie, an Instagram star. So, when he used the term “wife,” fans obviously raised eyebrows!The two, who at the time were each dating other people, shared an intimate kiss on the show which initially began to spark interest in them as a couple."Me and Bow kissed, we got in trouble, and after that kiss is when I saw his feelings for me really start to show on that higher level," Erica Mena told of their early beginnings.In June of 2015, Bow Wow told , "Nah, we are not married yet but it’s close. You know everybody is going to hear about it when it happens. With Mena even recently hinting that Bow has a small package.Rumor has it that the singer and the actor, who is young enough yet has a new special someone in his life.So maybe he just became jealous and that is why Draya can be called as the new Bow Wow girlfriend because he is trying to prove the world that he does not care about Angela anymore.