Validating hgb

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Hence, blood centers should pay due attention to validation of test methodology, competency of operating staff and regular proficiency testing of the outputs.In this article, we have reviewed various regulatory guidelines, described the variables that affect the measurements and compared the validated technologies for Hb screening of blood donors along with enumeration of their merits and limitations.

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A good test is also a certitude of good quality of blood components, which has an explicit implication on the recipient’s health.

RBC (red blood cell count) HCT (haematocrit) HGB (haemoglobin) RETIC (% and #) (reticulocyte count, percentage of reticulocytes) RETIC-HGB (reticulocyte haemoglobin) MCV (mean cell volume) RDW (red blood cell distribution width) MCH (mean cell haemoglobin) MCHC (mean cell haemoglobin concentration) PLT (platelet count) MPV (mean platelet volume) PDW (platelet distribution width) PCT (platelet haematocrit) WBC (white blood cell count) Monocytes (% and #) Lymphocytes (% and #) Neutrophils (% and #) Eosinophils (% and #) Basophils (% and #) Band Neutrophils (when presence suspected) n RBCs (nucleated red blood cells – when presence suspected) That’s it!

In just two minutes, results are ready for next steps and sharing with clients using the IDEXX Vet Lab Station diagnostic report during the patient visit.

Qualitative copper sulfate gravimetric method has been the archaic time-tested method that is still used in resource-constrained settings.

Portable hemoglobinometers are modern quantitative devices that have been further modified to reagent-free cuvettes.

Besides the technique, there are several physiological and methodological factors that affect accuracy and reliability of Hb estimation.

These include the anatomical source of blood sample, posture of the donor, timing of sample and several other biological factors.

The Pro Cyte Dx Haematology Analyser uses laser flow cytometry to perform a full analysis of multiple characteristics of each white blood cell, for the most accurate interpretation of all five white blood cell types.

Optical fluorescence provides a highly sensitive and accurate reticulocyte count with the use of specific fluorescent stains.

Accepted for publication Published 3 July 2017 Volume 2017:8 Pages 75—88 DOI

S103788 Checked for plagiarism Yes Review by Single-blind Peer reviewers approved by Dr Colin Mak Peer reviewer comments 3 Editor who approved publication: Dr Martin Bluth Department of Transfusion Medicine, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India Abstract: Blood donor hemoglobin (Hb) estimation is an important donation test that is performed prior to blood donation.

Feline platelets are analysed with this method to ensure superior separation when delineating platelets and red blood cells of similar size.

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