Updating zoneedit

12-Oct-2019 15:48 by 9 Comments

Updating zoneedit - what is an ltr in dating

Zone Edit is fairly well-known and may be widely supported.

This next area will rely on your expertise and I cannot provide much guidance.

A friend had told me about Zone Edit (zoneedit.com) so I decided to check them out. Zone Edit offers a free DNS service, but it is pretty well hidden (they are a company and I’m sure would prefer you select a paid service).

To find it again, I had to select to delete my account.

Since I was using a subdomain of a domain name I own, I wanted a “trusted” certificate so I would not get a warning from web browsers.

These types of SSL certificates can be quite expensive.

I have not tested any of these programs because my router supports updating Zone Edit.

If you have a router that supports Zone Edit, I would highly recommend that over a program that must be installed (for reliability).

This is where they showed the option for the free DNS service.

You can create an account for free and then go to the link https://cp.zoneedit.com/signup/free_ The email they send once you create an account contains a link to add free DNS, but I had discovered that later.

This means you will receive warnings from web browsers each time you connect.

These warnings can minimized by trusting the certificate and this may be fine for some people.

I wanted to avoid the untrusted, self-signed certificate issue because I have people access my systems from time to time.

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