Updating your insurance information

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Updating your insurance information - second dating anniversary

READ MORE: Your post-wedding document change checklist If you change your gender, you should let your insurer know. You also need to inform the DVLA if you change your gender as this could also mean a change of name or photo. You may not see it at first, but the driving licence does have a subtle marker to indicate a driver’s gender.Your driving licence number is the first five letters of your surname followed by your date of birth – presented in the unusual format of YMMDDY So a male driver born on 23 February 1985 would have the number DRIVE802235.

As sad as it may be to see your ‘partner in crime’ move on, this decision is certainly going to influence the insurance rate you’ve been paying. For instance, if you know that you’re going to buy a new car on a certain date, give us a call. This ensures that the day you drive away in that zooty new number, it’s already covered. If some idiot later drives straight into you, the policy won’t still be under that old jalopy you owned, which, sorry to say, renders that cover invalid. Your choice, our pleasure As we like to accumulate possessions, it’s important for every one of them to be specified in your inventory form.If it’s relevant and you don’t inform them, you could risk driving without proper cover.READ MORE: How to cancel your car insurance policy If you need to make a change to your policy, call your insurer.However, when you update your policy and remove all of their belongings, you can buy yourself several consolatory ice-creams with the extra cash to make yourself feel better. We’d hate for that amazing one-of-a-kind, overly priced lamp or couch to suffer a fate that it’s financially unprotected against.In fact, why not simply review what’s covered and not covered by the king every couple of months to make the necessary adjustments before any accidents happen?A female driver with the same surname and date of birth would be DRIVE812235.

If the second number in that driver ID is 0 or 1, the driver is deemed to be male.The DVLA may charge you for some of the changes that you make.If you decide to change your name by deed poll, you’ll need to update your driving licence.Insurers also need to know about anything that alters the value or performance of the car.If you’re pimping out your ride with new wheels or upgrading your engine for something more flash, your insurers will need to know.Otherwise your insurance policy could be invalidated or even face a fine. |What other driving documents do I need to update when my circumstances change? To keep your records up to date, insurers and the DVLA need to know about various changes in circumstances.