Updating the game

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We have found that for our own games it works best to release major updates every 1-2 months at most.

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What follows is a general set of practices to consider when making an update, along with some best practices that we at Valve have learned from the major updates we've made with our own products and by learning from the many other products that are available via Steam.

Note that after your app releases to customers, your customers will be receiving the build marked as the Default build.

In order to test your update, you should upload the new build using Steampipe, then set that build on a test branch with a password to test before moving it to the default branch.

Steam makes it easy to patch your game or add content at any time that you need to in order to best serve your audience on your schedule.

Feel free to update as often as you need to, but remember that players who have your game installed will need to download each update before they can launch the game again, so be considerate if your updates are large in size.

This DOES NOT mean that your level designer should spend all day replying to questions on the Steam forum.

It does mean, however, that reading feedback and being responsible for the community should be part of the dev team’s role, rather than delegated out to community managers or a separate PR team.

My game is up to date in studio, but everytime I save it, the game doesn’t update when I press play.

I have tried: -Shutting down all the servers -Switching between making the game private and public -Turning off Team Create -Closing paid servers I didn’t update my game before that for a couple of months, so there may be some game settings that need changing in roblox studio.

To get the most out of your update, you'll want to start by thinking about the goals you want to achieve.

You probably want to be patching all the time to fix issues that players have brought up or that you’ve found while testing the game.

Watch the full Dev Days talk for specific examples and additional insights.

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