Updating platform sun4u bootarchive

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Updating platform sun4u bootarchive - Free online hot video chat without register

=A0Stephan Hi, not sure what you have done on those servers exactly - but the error you got (boot_archive and GRUB) is related to x86 architecture. now, if I were in your shoes I would boot off OS CD or net into single- user mode and: * restore bootblk on the internal disks * mount your root FS from the internal disks and look into the following: /etc/system /etc/vfstab if you get the same error (MMU Miss) when booting off CD or net - open the call in Sun support.

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milax console login: alex Password: Sun Microsystems Inc.

So I reinstalled the OS, chose "UFS" as the filesystem and mirrored all partitions onto the second drive in each machine with the Solaris Volume Manager.

Today I wanted to patch these machines and rebooted one of them into single user mode.

Solaris Boot Error I am having a problem when booting my Sun V445 machine with Solaris 10 installed on it. boot failed Enter filename [/platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix]: Alloc of 0x400000 bytes at 0x100000 refused. boot failed Enter filename [/platf...error booting solaris 10Hello experts, I have installed solaris 10 on x86. Any guidance advice will be highly appreciated Thanks, Dave On Tue, , [email protected]: nicely before what did I do wrong?

Machine hangs at boot at following step : 0Test CPU Ca... When I try to boot I get an error with ablue screen login failed please try again. So it's booting to the login screen, but when you enter a use...

Note: WANBOOT is only supported for SPARC machines.

Mila X Homepage Download page for Mila X SPARC ISO image 0.3.2 Using the Mila X Live CD for failsafe booting Adding a Live CD Distribution to an existing Solaris installation Talking about RAM disks in the Solaris OS Using on the fly-decompression for UFS filesystems Using WAN Boot From a Hard Disk on a System Running Solaris 9 and Above Tight VNC Ultra VNC Real VNC Converting the Mila X Live CD to a WANBOOT image must be done in two steps: First step: Convert the Mila X Live CD to a UFS installation.

Not dumped tar: ./dev/.devname_lookup_door is not a file.

Unfortunately a lot of SPARC machines reside in data centers and there is no easy access to the CDROM drive of these machines.

Alternately, to continue | booting at your own risk, you may clear the service by running: | "svcadm clear system/boot-archive" So I booted the machine into failsafe mode and used the instructions from During this procedure I was confused that my first disk was listed as c0t0d0s0 and not c1t0d0s0.

Also the output of metastat did not work and the system asked me if I wanted to mount a zpool which it found during startup.

Regards Stephan Stephan The error message you get on attempting to boot strongly suggests a hardware problem. I hope you have a backup of your disk from before you started tinkering!

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