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Currently, the Jepsen suite for Yuga Byte DB already has coverage for most of the standard tests, and we are working on adding even more tests.As we mentioned before, Jepsen verifies that a database truly lives up to what it promises to do, so that users can have a strong and verifiable basis upon which they build their applications.

Therefore, we absolutely love a testing framework like Jepsen which helps verify correctness and are fans of Kyle Kingsbury’s work!In terms of the CAP theorem, Yuga Byte DB is a consistent and partition-tolerant (CP) database, while ensuring high availability (HA) for most practical situations.Thus, the Jepsen test suite needs to verify strong consistency of data in the presence of partitions and failures.The unique key-value inserts test creates a table with one primary key column and one value column.It inserts unique key-values pairs into the table, and verifies durability (by checking if successfully written values can be read back) and consistency (by ensuring failed writes are not present in the database).The Jepsen tests for Yuga Byte DB are designed to verify atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability in the face of a various failure scenarios.

Since we induce various failures while performing operations against the database, it is natural to expect that some individual operations may fail, but correctness should not be compromised.

It is important to note that while many database vendors will claim to have run and passed Jepsen tests on their own, the Jepsen test framework is only as good as the test suites designed to run on top.

Therefore it is important to dive a bit deeper and understand exactly what the tests do and which guarantees of the database have been verified.

This naturally leads to the question of what a database promises.

The task of enumerating what a database promises can be surprisingly hard, especially given that distributed databases are complex.

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