Updating data dmi

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Updating data dmi

If Junos Space Platform has exactly the right DMI schema for each of your devices, you can access all configuration options specific to each device.For every device family, one DMI schema is marked as the default schema.

If the schema version in use is close to the version of Junos OS running on the device, then most of the configurations options are still available.

While updating the details, if any special character (such as $,%,^,&,*,!

, ~, etc) is already available in the existing data then the same may be removed.

You manage DMI schemas in Junos Space Platform by using the DMI Schemas page (Administration DMI Schemas).

Using the DMI Schemas page, you can view the existing DMI schemas installed, update DMI schemas, view missing schemas, set a schema as the default for a specific device family, and delete unused schemas.

Each device type is described by a unique data model (DM) that contains all the configuration data for the device.

The DMI schema lists all the possible fields and attributes for a type of device.Junos Space Network Management Platform interfaces with network devices using an open API called the Device Management Interface (DMI), which is a standard interface used by Juniper Networks devices.The DMI schema for a device describes the complete configuration and operational capabilities of the device OS version.One thing to note is that the mobo brags it's "Dual Bios" Well then I wouldn't worry about it.I DIR to see the files on the disk as instructed to put there. If you succeed nothing happens, but it might fix the problem.DMI can co-exist with SNMP and other management protocols.

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