Tversity folders not updating

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All these folders are what I have shared so my HDTV Live can see them under the NETWORK SHARES section.// STEP BY STEP GUIDE // Network and Internet Once there click on HOMEGROUP or CHOOSE HOMEGROUP AND SHARING OPTIONS.

// A Wee Bit 'O Background // After trying every possible way to get my unit working how I wanted I gave up and just settled for viewing all my media under MEDIA SERVER.At the bottom of the box click CHANGE ADVANCED SHARING SETTINGS… You should now have a long list of security options.A box should pop up that says ‘Change sharing options for different network profiles’ at the top. Go to: Start Administrative Tools You should get a box with a list starting with COMPONENT SERVICES. Near the top of the list locate: ACCOUNTS: LIMIT LOCAL ACCOUNT USE OF BLANK PASSWORDS Right click it and choose ‘properties’.After using it for a few days I decided to give getting the NETWORK SHARES to work right another try.Like many other posters my issue involved it not letting me log in.Unfortunately that method didn’t work for long and the unit stopped updating the folder with new files I added to my shared folders on my PC.

I played with Tversity and got it to see and stream all of my media, but Hulu and BBC videos didn’t play very well.Make sure the dropdown box to the right of WDTVLIVE says ‘Allowed’ and then click OK at the bottom of the box.You should now be back at ‘Change homegroup settings’.Eventually I figured how to get it work and for the past week I haven’t had any problems.I can log in, see all my folders, add folders, and play everything that I’ve thrown at it.For example mine looks like this: LIBRARIES - Movies - New - Sports - TV Series - Blu Ray You can individually go through and set sharing permissions for each folder but I like using the library because all one we have to do is set up sharing VIDEOS and all the folders under it will be shared without having to touch any of them.

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