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The plaque was unveiled at High Peak Junction on the 12th March.Both the leader of the council, Cllr Andrew Lewer, and the FCC Chairman, Patrick Morriss, gave speeches at the unveiling, and these can be read in FCC chairman, Pat Morriss (L), and leader of the council, Cllr. Photo courtesy of Derbyshire County Council Members of the FCC and the Cllr. Photo courtesy of Derbyshire County Council The FCC has received a welcome boost to the boat fund from Councillor Garry Purdy (Derbyshire County Councillor for Wirksworth and Derbyshire Dales District Councillor for Masson). Purdy is seen below handing over a cheque for £1000 to the FCC's chairman, Pat Morriss. Purdy's Derbyshire County Council Community Leadership Scheme, which gives every DCC councillor an annual fund of £4,000 to distribute to worthy projects within their ward. Purdy is a big supporter of the FCC and our plans to see a trip boat running on the canal once again. The first weekend of the year is not traditionally the time to celebrate Christmas.

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The listing concerns the length of tunnel from the Eastern Portal, including the unique loading wharf inside the tunnel.But for the North West regional group of the Waterway Recovery Group, aka WRG NW, tradition is not always the way forward.Thus, on Friday 4th January 2013, the Waingroves Community Centre welcomed 12 WRG NW volunteers - there ostensibly to continue the tree felling at Sawmills, but perhaps more accurately for their Christmas/New Year meal (the kitchen, and in particular the large oven, lending itself to the production of a feast).Saturday morning dawned, and after all were supplied with a hearty breakfast it was off to site for the majority.Once there, we met up with a couple more volunteers and it was on to site for a (brief) health and safety briefing - basically, please don't stand under trees that are being felled, and it would be helpful if you didn't chop the wrong trees down!By the end of the Saturday, considerable progress had been made, and so the volunteers retired to Waingroves for a well deserved Christmas feast thanks to the catering team led by Liz Chase - complete with crackers, party hats and "jokes".

More amusing to many was the fact that I had lost my voice thanks to a combination of a cold and shouting too much, which was a blessing to some and entertainment to others!

Anyone walking the stretch between the Brick Yard Bridge (26) and Bullbridge may have noticed this cable passing over the canal into Lockwood's Yard.

Whilst a cable is no problem if the trees are naturally falling away, we would prefer not to bring it down with a tree falling into it.

On the 3rd October, the Cromford Canal welcomed a man undertaking a unique challenge: Doug Hamilton-Cox has set out to walk all of the canals of Britain in aid of Help the Heroes.

He's steadily been ticking off different sections of the network over the past year or so, and believes that when he has finished he will have walked over 4000 miles. (L to R) FCC Trustee Eric Singleton, Doug Hamilton-Cox, FCC member Howard Smith and FCC Chairman Matthew Rogers at Langley Mill prior to setting out on the day's walk.

so after a bit of thinking time I called the local paper to give them the heads up on the damage.