Tea leoni dating

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Tea leoni dating - Amsterdam adult cam

Her birthday is on February 25, 1966, which makes her current age 51.

But her movie roles have been getting more frequent so she does not get the blockbuster movie assignments as she used to.But in 2008 rumors started emerging about their breakup and it was David who confirmed that they had been separated for quite some time.Tea later credited their separation due to David’s sex-addiction.She has been mainly featured in comedies and romantic comedy movies and appeared alongside some great actors like Jim Carey, Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler etc.Recently Tea has gotten back to the silver screen as her popularity has not been the way it was in her most popular days.But her success with the CBS’s political drama series “Madam Secretary” shows that she still has the acting chops to prove her worth.

Tea Leoni stared in her first role as Lisa Di Napoli in the show called “Santa Barbara” as it was her first job that she did.

Tea is currently estimated to be worth 15 million dollars.

Tea Leoni has been married two times during her life.

They got separated and divorced only four years after.

But Tea did not stop there, she would latter bag a much more lucrative offer and a much more famous name.

During the time that they spent married, they had two children.