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Torrentz initially saw a sharp rise as well, but traffic tanked after its farewell message early August.In absolute terms The Pirate Bay benefited the most, adding several million daily visitors, with a relative increase of 67%.

Initially, a lot of interest went out to ‘mirrors’ and copies of KAT and Torrentz, some of which are still doing very well traffic-wise.The past month has been a turbulent one for the torrent community.With the closure of Kickass Torrents and Torrentz.eu, two of the largest players were gone without prior notice.During this time, many torrent sites have shut down, either voluntarily or after being forced to by a court order.However, never before have we witnessed events like those of recent weeks.Torlock, for example, initially saw an increase when KAT went offline but after Torrentz folded their traffic tanked.

The site currently has half the users it had two months ago.

The data is taken from a sample of over 200 million devices measuring desktop visits only.

The graph below shows that traffic to all sites went up after was taken offline.

Just like that, two of the largest torrent sites had disappeared, causing much confusion and uncertainty among former users.

Both sites had millions of daily visitors who needed to find a new home.

Interestingly, however, there are also several torrent sites that have been ‘hurt’ by the recent takedown of Torrentz.

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