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Ultimately, Undertaker’s undefeated streak proved unconquerable. But that didn’t stop Orton from topping the “Deadman” in subsequent contests, including a No Mercy Casket Match.When it was all said and done, the rivalry between Orton and Undertaker emerged as one of the decade’s greatest.

Swelling with confidence, Orton planned to follow up his title reign with something no other Superstar had ever accomplished: Defeat Undertaker at Wrestle Mania.

While celebrating his 34th birthday in New Orleans, Louisiana, “The Viper” took the opportunity to go public about his new girlfriend by by posting this photo on Twitter.

A few days later, the couple attended the annual WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony together.

On the afternoon of August 3, 2014, Kayla Gomez took a photo with Orton outside of a gym in Texas and posted it on social media. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! Kessler tweeted back, “Thats what @kgomez325 gets for always talking shit about me.

Shortly thereafter, the multi-time WWE Champion sent out the same photo to his Twitter followers, but added a rude caption. Your (sic) not the only one who can play games.” TMZ then reported that Kessler had problems with Gomez in the past, which led Orton to block Gomez on Twitter for sending messages harassing his girlfriend.

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Our site runs faster and better on the latest browsers.Orton’s reign proved to be one of the longest un recent memory, lasting an amazing seven months.By the summer of 2004, a young Orton had accomplished more in WWE than most Superstars can claim in an entire career.Not much is known about Kessler, but her relationship with Orton has caused drama for WWE.In August 2014, the twosome called a member of the WWE Universe a pig!Later that same night, Orton made history when he defeated “The Game” to reclaim the title.