Online dating and predators

15-May-2020 04:50 by 3 Comments

Online dating and predators - annals of internet dating tumblr

They have a type of person in mind, someone vulnerable and easy to exploit. They know that certain websites will offer more opportunities than others.

These are they people that are easier to befriend – and manipulate.

But identifying predators is a useful skill, not only for victims but anyone online. Financial ones who run scams, sexual predators who target adults and children, and I would say internet trolls are also a type of sadistic predator.

Stalking is a hunting term and a stalker is a type of hunter. Stalkers don’t just go online and start targeting the first person they meet.

It is difficult to identify an online abuser because they know how to act or blend online so they don’t stand out.

They also hide behind fake identifies, profiles and photos.

They will often pass on that victim to other predators. For example, if a stalking victim is being methodically targeted by an abuser using fake profiles, the abuser starts contacting friends and family, have their accounts hacked, tracked, they are being humiliated online etc. You don’t get good at stalking, trolling, scamming or being a sexual predator without experience.

Psychologists will tell you that past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour.Many of these types of predators are abusive both emotionally and physically.Some are serial rapists who target women or men, engage with them, arrange a date and then rape them.They access sites via proxy servers – they want to be anonymous, untraceable. It takes patience and time to develop a successful scam that will pay out thousands of pounds, or to sexually groom someone.They will spend inordinate amount of time and energy developing their online relationship with their victims.Online dating is now a normal part of our social lives, but how do you protect yourself or a loved one from the dangers of meeting strangers online? Prepare to be disappointed — a staggering 81% of people lie on their online profile!