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Jaipur is a city with heritage hotels, palaces and monuments while several tourists visit this city around the year.The people are multi- talented and the city is colorful but to see the city in full vibrancy it is best to visit during the festivals & fairs.

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When we consider how such a high sex ratio usually affects the relative availability of potential spouses (i.e., the marriage market), it seems logical that the scarcity of females would generate a “marriage squeeze”— an asymmetry in the availability of potential spouses—against males and thereby give females an advantage in the marriage market.

Yes, these places are beautiful and worthy of a visit, but they do not define Rajasthan in its entirety.

In fact, there’s much more ground to cover in terms of culture, customs, traditions and architecture.

This motto speaks to its rich and beautiful cultural heritage and hospitality and millions of people from across the world visit this royal land every year to experience it all.

However, many have some preconceptions about the state and its people.

Yes, the deserts are an astonishing and emblematic attraction of the state, but that’s not all the royal land has to offer.

Only the northwestern part of the state is sandy, while the rest is marked by pockets of greenery.

So, labelling it as an outright conservative state is unfair.

As soon as you tell someone that you’re originally from Rajasthan, the question ‘really, you don’t look like one’ will get thrown at you.

Marwari is spoken by a great chunk of the population living in Rajasthan, but it is definitely not spoken across the board.

There is also Malvi, Mewari, Dhundhari, Harauti and more.

There’s a caricature in Rajasthani folk that all men are businessmen (though they make great business leaders and entrepreneurs) and all women are housewives.

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