Law liquidating

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The administrator has to submit a report on the matter, and file it to the competent court in Switzerland.

Our team of Swiss lawyers can advise on the manner in which corporate taxes will be imposed to local businesses, depending on their legal entity and object of activity, but it is important to know that the following will apply: When a company has to be liquidated due to bankruptcy, a wide set of steps have to be concluded.The involuntary liquidation procedure is started regardless of the position of the company’s representatives.The procedure has to be started when a business becomes bankrupt for example, or in the situation in which the company will merge with another corporate entity.Within two months the administrator must draft a balance sheet and the distribution of the company’s assets in order to cover the debts.The deletion of the company from the Swiss Trade Register will only take place after all the company’s assets are distributed amongst the creditors; the deletion procedure is conducted by the appointed liquidators, who will submit an application with the Trade Register.The limited liability company (LLC) in Switzerland is the most common business form that is registered in this country.

Thus, we will present below the main reasons for which a limited liability company can be liquidated in this country and our team of Swiss lawyers can advise on the situations mentioned here: The above mentioned situations are applicable when a company is involved in voluntary liquidation proceedings.The liquidation of a Montenegro company can be voluntary or compulsory.The voluntary decision is taken by the company members, while the decision of compulsory liquidation is taken by the competent Court.Other method of company liquidation is the shorter voluntary liquidation which can be initiated if there are no liabilities left and the liquidation decision was approved by all the members of the company.The decision of liquidation of a company in Montenegro must be registered with the Register of the Commercial Court by the company’s management no later than five days since it was taken.During the general meeting where the decision is taken, an individual or a corporate body must be appointed in order to complete the process of liquidation.