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The A-list stars split in March 2017, saying they were still friends in a joint statement.

The happy announcement comes hours after Katy's mother, Mary Hudson, uploaded pictures from the couple's "engagement party".

Sticking with the theme of looking back on breakups, Perry’s two songs are likely part of a new album that will act as a follow-up to 2017’s , though the singer has yet to comment on when fans may be hearing a full record. Presented by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Perry has officially moved 101 million singles, crossing the threshold this year thanks to new honours for some of her older hits, including “Hot N Cold,” which is going from seven-times platinum to eight-times platinum, and “Never Really Over” and “Not Like the Movies,” with both singles earning gold status this year.

“Small Talk” caps off a week of celebration for Perry, who received a plaque on Thursday stating that the popstar is now one of only five artists to move at least 100 million digital singles in the U. Perry is in good company, with Drake leading the way with an astounding 148 million singles moved, followed by Rihanna with 125 million singles.

After teasing her latest single “Small Talk” earlier this week with a memo pad of lyrics, Katy Perry has now dropped the song in full.

Debuting “Small Talk” at midnight on Thursday, Perry released a lyric video for the up-tempo and breezy track, which shows two people who went from strangers to lovers and back to strangers, all while sharing a cubicle.

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You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.The lighthearted video looks at the dangers of dating a co-worker, which in the case of Perry’s “Small Talk” means having to share a lunchroom with someone who has seen you naked.Think, a much less realistic and depressing version of Perry wrote the song with Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin, with “Small Talk” acting as only the second solo single Perry has released in 2019 following “It’s Never Really Over,” which Perry dropped in May.Friends, another day, another Bradley Cooper dating update. He’s been seen out and about with Laura Dern, Anna Wintour, and rumored to be dating Jennifer Garner, but he moves fast, so who knows?!At this point, it seems like a safe bet to try to winnow out people he’s not dating and then try to hone in on who he is—aka a process of elimination. Soon the student will become the master, and we’ll have to fight to the death like Highlanders because there can only be one.” Don’t worry, that day hasn’t come upon us…via GIPHY Anyway, this has been your Get in the Loop with…