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Jewishdatingdirectory com - Women who wanna sex chat

Surprised to discover this network of domains has not been previously discussed.

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Box, “in case someone wanted to sue.” In the first half of the 20th century, you might marry your childhood sweetheart, the child of your father’s business partner, or a nice boy or girl you met at church or synagogue.

03&type=js Administrative Contact: Networks USA, LLC., Spark [email protected] Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Beverly Hills, California 90211 United States 1.3236583000 Fax -- Technical Contact: Networks USA, LLC., Spark [email protected] Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800 Beverly Hills, California 90211 United States 1.3236583000 Fax -- "Spark Networks takes the issue of junk email seriously and is committed to protecting our members.

Although I also noticed spam coming from them, I have reason to believe there is a much larger network as well stemming from the click banks/click handlers. These guys are back just in time for Christmas/Black Friday with around 500 emails full of that malicious christmas cheer.

CID=235089&AFID=230363&ADID=888393&afsrc=1&SID=[/red] Redirects all around Plenty of jump affiliates - [red]hxxp:// Stwh_rb8m Gf Udf JQ0o60N-il2-k Hin Vq GCIb Kd Vtx ITpxmzg61vlt1n7Rj Fxvm UJh3gxy GBy-W9qi Zlt G68Ymuio24K3ZZE0g7Nd-1f VDBws3KOBUh Vkcdts Hw Tee Oe RDQ/ [/red] [red]hxxp:// They seem to be mass-emailing all yahoo accounts starting with g @ G4JC = Thanks for the information and excellent job I know that you did not sign, is like in my case where I get text messages asking if I want to sell my car for junk, sometimes at two in the morning, I own a decent vehicle and I do not see the reason that would make anyone bug the heck out of me, when my cell and land line are registered as do not call Now that Scott is a character .......................

aff_id=184&sub1=sv230363&sub2=11_104958811_1b5e4718-372e-4c33-b8ce-141b06c83a44&afsrc=1[/red] Interestingly Zero Margin is a part of Ad Optimizers LLC which was recently a defendant of well-known Scott Richter. I thought that what you do in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas :} I hate spammers Here is a full list of domains, for the first 1000 IP's, some already referenced in this thread, gathered from: AS15170 | .0/20 | Spark Networks Limited - DNS I had rated a few of thse for spam or as I came across them, a few years back.

The paper, Appleberg says, was fashioned after an English singles magazine.(That spirit of optimism and belief in serendipity similarly suffuses online dating.

At least at first.) But before was more intellectual, bookish, so I think there was this idea, that we would be somewhere in between.” One German-Israeli-American “executive” in his early 50s sought a woman who was “lively, buxom, flexible, non-intellectual.” That was their target audience.

you can also browse around on urlquery since others are scanning similar urls on the same ASN.

The text of each was similar, though one claimed to be from a woman in her 20s, the other in her 40s.“There were about 25 or 30 responses to the 40s ad,” she says, “but there were over 200 to the 20s one, including doctors, lawyers, and several from prison.” In her paper, men’s ads skewed a little older, women’s slightly younger.

Domains I recently found were: [massrate][red][/red][/massrate] Someone with a mass rating tool should do a reverse lookup on the domains and see what other gems lurk. [massrate][red][/red][/massrate] They've moved on from mere dating services and decided to offer everything from surveys ([red][/red]) and free rewards cards ([red][/red]) to bedbugs ([red][/red])!

All of the URLs you listed in the second entry point to a page that says "not found" or, if prefaced with "www" I get "invalid request" with a single digit in the sourcecode (1).

Here's some more fresh domains sent today that were analyzed by URLQuery - id=221562 Keep in mind they don't always point to Spark Networks anymore - even though the emails are for "Hot Singles" in the subject, the links above prove you might end up anywhere.