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Kobe Bryant was nominated for an Oscar on Tuesday, which has led some to criticize the Academy for recognizing the former NBA star in the #Me Too era — in light of his 2003 sexual assault arrest.

She has an apartment on the Upper West Side but mostly holes up at her house in the Hollywood hills.

— but elevated by her almost frighteningly desperate Anne-Meara-meets-Diane-Keaton performance.

A typical Elaine May heroine, she was scattered and neurotic yet tough and cynical. As Peter Falk’s character put it, “She’s got a vicious tongue, and she goes for the balls.” The play was tiny, a sketch really, funny and sad and sometimes surprisingly dated like those bits with the punchline, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!

She was sharing the bill with David Mamet and Shel Silverstein, the latter a friend of May’s who coaxed her out of the house and into the project.

All told, the show ran four weeks in a 135-seat house, sold every ticket, and got the Chicago reviewers gushing.

“The Disaster Artist” star and recent Golden Globes winner James Franco was absent from the list of Best Actor nominees on Tuesday, with many attributing the snub to the recent sexual misconduct allegations made against him on social media and in a Los Angeles Times report.

Kobe Bryant's short film was nominated for an Academy Award! To avoid criminal conviction, he settled out of court, and read an apology in court saying he believed she did not feel the sex was consensual. He said he was gonna do it anyway.” When questioned by police, Bryant first denied that anything happened with the accuser, but he reversed course after he was informed that she submitted to a physical exam.He later admitted to a sexual encounter but continued to deny the assault accusation.That puts him on a very short list of people who have been nominated for an Oscar AND have been publicly accused of rape. — Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu) January 23, 2018 Good morning. ZO3ubvij — Jesse Thorn (@Jesse Thorn) January 23, 2018 Clearly there’s a statute of limitations on assault accusations if the Academy is snubbing James Franco but nominating Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant #Oscars — Amanda Laikin (@amanda_laikin) January 23, 2018Every year at the Academy Awards, there are inevitably certain nominees that raise eyebrows in surprise and glaring omissions that furrow those eyebrows in anger. , the Broadway musical he was doctoring in Boston, it took him two weeks just to locate her.Also Read: Kobe Bryant Has Not One But 2 Jerseys Retired: ' Forever Immortalized, Truly Legendary' The Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning, with Bryant making the list as the subject, writer and producer of “Dear Basketball,” an animated short based on a poem he wrote as he announced his retirement from the sport.

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