Invalidating a session

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Invalidating a session - Live webcam chat kolkata

Thread Pool$Control at Source) THe managed beans are all in session scope. REgards, Ravi Gonella Hi, this is a common problem lots of users are facing.When this code fires and then the user clicks on any of the links it is not asking him to login instead its getting the credentials of the previous user and carrying out the business flow. When you invalidate a session, the JSF lifecycle is broken. You might have a look at: this solves your problem.

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administrator can invalidate the session of a user.

In the case of OAuth, the session token might have been valid for a longer duration and hence session invalidation might be needed.

External Context ectx = Faces Current Instance()External Context(); Http Servlet Request req = (Http Servlet Request)Request(); Http Session session = Session(false); if(session !

A session must be invalidated when the maximum time set for that session elapses.

For example, if a maximum session time has been set for a user for a longer period (for example, several months) and the user has left the organization before that.

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