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Please contact Alex for any questions or comments or bugs about this latest release, either on #help or by email below.[ You are no longer advised to use the old version, as certain aspects have become incompatible with our network setup ] Two rogue members of the IRC Chat staff attempted to seize control of the network.

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Very little is known about the ratio academic to non-academic users, but it is likely that you won't meet one Ph D after the other here, to be honest.

Watch Now: English or Portuguese Open source With complete access to the source code, you can fully customize, extend or add new functionality to meet your requirements. Chat Unlimited & open source Free audio and video conferencing, guest access, screen sharing, file sharing, Live Chat, LDAP Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, and dozens of OAuth providers.

Join the thousands of developers who are creating the best chat platform on open.Join leading blockchain projects such as Aragon, Brave, Hyperledger, Golem, Tokenly and others in migrating from Slack. Also includes unlimited: Feature With Live Chat by Rocket.

Nearly every portal has a support or reporting feature to report inappropriate behavior. But there's also a variety of modern chat sites which were launched in the recent days.

Open up the conversation and remove the need for CC/BCC by using Rocket.

Thanks from CW and myself (CM) to all of those who remained loyal.

IRC Chat is now back to normal and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.Like in every industry, there are also some black sheep among chat sites.But most sites are secure and great for chatting with other members. Many chat sites are outdated and technically offer no innovative solutions - but they're still around and have kept their popularity over the years.Some major updates to the previous wizard, better reliability, better stability, and self-updating Bot Serv list has been added.You will also find the setup page on the Wizard as it appears at Free Java, and a page generator for even quicker generation of your free HTML code.For important announcements to all members of a group, use @all.

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    If you are doing anything against our privacy policy or terms and condition, you will be banned and reported without any other further warnings.