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Their priest, Rev Arthur Moore, had died exactly five months before the storm.

Our staff are trained to uphold the highest level of confidentiality and to provide a professional service to clients seeking our support.The young people met in Greystones where Synge spent much of his childhood and adolescence, but parted because of Synge’s youthful agnosticism.The Church of the Holy Rosary on La Touche Road is the Catholic parish church.Darby became acquainted with Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853), who was then in the act of founding a worshipping society called ‘The Brethren’, whose tenets were based on the rejection of all ecclesiastical forms and denominational distinctions.Darby joined with Groves and others in the movement, and in 1828 issued his first pamphlet, The nature and unity of the church of Christ, and to promulgate the Brethren’s views visited Paris, Cambridge and Oxford, proceeding thence to Plymouth: from this circumstance seems to have derived the name ‘Plymouth Brethren’.But the building, for want of an endowment to support a rector, remained unconsecrated until 1864.

It was with the extension of the railway line to Greystones that the population of the area began to increase.

The Brethren were established in Greystones in 1905.

A small group at the outset, they built Ebenezer Hall by their own labours in 1907.

St Patrick’s had to be extended in 1875, in 1888 and again in 1898.

Greystones was now a separate parish, independent of Delgany, of which it had been a part.

A building such as this becomes a church only when worshippers frequent it.