Dating time management

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Dating time management

And your passion for classical music doesn't mean that your clients would enjoy the opera.

Many people, however, treat the two situations in the same way.

Not only is this a mistake, but it can lead to negative consequences for your career.

In this article, we review a few of the most common business socializing situations, and offer some tips to help you have a good time with ease and confidence.

But now, after seeing his behavior, you're thinking about taking him off your list.

After all, if he can't handle himself at a holiday party, could he handle the promotion? Have you ever watched others behave inappropriately at company functions– or, perhaps, have you ever done something you wish you hadn't?

A good rule is not to do anything that you wouldn't do at the office during a regular workday.

And use moderation in drinking, eating, and even talking.

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This is where people tend to make their biggest mistakes.

Socializing with co-workers is definitely easier than with clients or your boss, so some people aren't cautious enough – and they get a little too noisy or drunk at company events.

Most social situations with clients include a meal.

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