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Diversity, Compassion, Dignity and Liberty: nowhere and under no conditions do these values imply bullying, aggression or centralization of power.Nor do they imply child genital mutilation, domestic violence, rapism, alcoholism, gambling, exploitation or disdain of minorities, weapon-hoarding, greed, money-addiction, environmental destruction and/or high homi- and sui-cide rates so common in all countries which often label Europe as “immoral”.

One’s capability to learn from errors of the past and solid, steady and stalwart commitment not to commit them again.Therefore, diversity is not only to be cherished - diversity is to be protected.In all its forms: ecological, cultural, linguistic, artistic et caetera. For the one who protects diversity also and foremostly protects the weaker ones: children, older people, handicapped people, animals, trees and biotopes. No majority, however big, has right to threaten dignity of one single person.Fullest possibly liberty, constrained only by the Liberty of the Other.Diversity, Compassion and Dignity are pillars of our social and health support systems. Not just to do something better, but to attempt things you've never thought possible.

Learn more United States For the 33rd consecutive year, IBM is recognized in the "Working Mother 100 Best Companies" list.It is the very knowledge of these virtues, of these moral facts, which offers us a Foundation of our values.These are the values which Europe protects, this is the European codex.All such labels and all such accusations are articulated in vain: Europe is more moral than its adversaries.Precisely because Europe does not want to have any adversaries.And the sentiment which goes hand in hand with such acts of protection is the sentiment of highest empathy, of non-demanding Love, of “in-spite-of-our-different-bodies-I-am-still-You-and-You-are-I”. Thus, the precept “Dignity shall be inviolable.” still holds, for it is an eternal precept.

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