Dating israel coins

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Dating israel coins - brittany binger and grady sizemore still dating

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In this case, an Israel Antiquities Authority inspector, Eyal Marco, noticed ancient pottery sherds during infrastructure works by the Netivei Israel highway company.

A careful examination revealed that it was a bronze, a coin that was used more than 2,000 years ago.

The front of the coin features Antiochus wearing a crown.

A bronze coin that was in circulation in the time of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who decreed that the Jews must be annihilated and during whose reign the Maccabean revolt made famous in the Chanukah story took place, has been discovered at the Tower of David archaeological site in Jerusalem.

The discovery, made during routine maintenance work, was a surprise to archaeologists working at the Tower of David citadel.

In fact the village itself was closely tied to the fate of the Jews.

The town was founded in the late 1st century BCE; but it wasn't fated to last long.It was razed after the end of the great Jewish Revolt of 70-73 CE.However, it was quickly rebuilt and reinhabited in the late 1st century CE – only to be destroyed, once and for all, after the Bar Kokhba Revolt. With 1000 and larger numbers, the millennium is written as the first character (to the right). In order to specify it is a number, a (״) is added just before the last letter (reading right to left). With all numbers smaller than 1000, the total value is the sum of the numerals, the letters/numerals being typed in decreasing order, right to left.Donald Zvi Ariel, head of the coins division at the Israel Antiquities Authority.