Dating identifying glass perfume scent bottle decanter

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Dating identifying glass perfume scent bottle decanter

Any collection of Irice items can be dated by the information on the labels or by carefully examining the parts of the atomizer.A glass tube in the atomizer means 1930's roughly, while by the time of the 1950's plastic tubing was found in the atomizer.

This bottle held a perfume called Renaissance that was in a Irice bottle for the Scherk company.Most heavily collected and sought today are the Irice series called Little Drams or sometimes Stubby series.These were tiny perfume bottle made in Czechoslovakia with charms or dangles hanging from chains from the top of the stopper.Perhaps it may say something like Valentine Blatz Brewing Company or Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.The bottle may be embossed with the word BREWERY or the word BOTTLING.Beer Bottles: Pre-Prohibition beer bottles (made prior to 1920), embossed or labeled, are always of interest.

The bottle may be marked with the name of one of the thousands of beer brands from around the country.Miniature and Sample Bottles: Many 19th Century manufacturers gave away miniature versions of their wares as samples.We are very interested in smaller examples of all types of bottles that are often marked with the word SAMPLE.Flasks: We seek early American flasks embossed with images such as Washington, La Fayette, Ben Franklin, General Zachary Taylor, Jenny Lind, and Andrew Jackson.Flasks embossed with images of eagles, hunters, prospectors, cabins, boats, girls on bicycles, railroad cars or carts, clasped hands, cannons, glass house names, and fancy scroll work are also sought.A beautiful large decorative Glass jug with ground and applied overlaid enamels. Beautiful example of a 19th Century Victorian antique moulded and polished glass perfume bottle, hand decorated with gilding.

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