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Later on, you can duck off to a side street or the local park to chat more privately. So you’re seeing someone new, but you’re trying to keep it from becoming too serious.This date idea is also great because it can easily take up more or less time, depending on how you’re feeling about the person. You love hanging out together, but the last thing you need is a super intimate, romantic date night to put pressure on the situationship.

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You’ll get to laugh through the evening together over a few drinks, without the stress of having to discuss where your relationship is going.

Try a wine-tasting session or go for a tour of the vineyards.

It’s picturesque, romantic, and a lovely spot to enjoy each other’s company in peace.

You can always count on them keep your mind off your ex. This gets you both talking without having to stare into each other’s eyes the whole evening, and it also opens the door for the night to go in many different directions.

Spending time with your friends can be even better than spending time with a partner, anyway — there’s no pressure to put your best foot forward all the time, because you know they’ll love you no matter what. If you’re sensing a flirty vibe, head to dinner or drinks together later.

Trust me, they’ll be super impressed with your innovative date-planning skills.

When you’re going on a first date, you probably don’t know much about the person you’ll be meeting, and you obviously want to make a good first impression.This will help you get out of your own head and put your energy toward helping others.You’ll see each other at your very best, which could help you remember why you got together in the first place.Afterwards, when you’re high on life and practically crying from laughter, you can head back to one of your places to have even more fun.Being in a committed relationship is super rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges…And if you’re sick of grabbing dinner or drinks together every Friday night, look no further than this list of creative date ideas to shake things up.

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