Dating gretsch guitars serial number

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Dating gretsch guitars serial number

SPG currently builds the higher-end Gretsch Electromatic models.

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Note: I had very few models from the immediate post-war period to the early 1950's to work with.

It remains to be seen if any of the other eight guitars from the beginning of that second batch (serial numbers 12950– 12957) were Silver Jets with the rare script-logo headstock.

Regardless, this specimen is a unique and historically significant instrument coveted by many Gretsch aficionados.

So, in seeking a solution I concentrated only on the Bacon "S"'s (Senorita, Serenader and Symphonie) - the primary models identified in catalog 50.

I did not consider the Belmont (Polle once thought the Montgomery Ward inspired Belmont banjos had a separate serial numbering system) nor did I consider the Bacon Folk Models (Ed Britt had the impression that the Folk Models also had their own system).

These Cadillac green Jets have labels with the standard 6128 Duo Jet model stamp, and their potentiometer codes date from August 1957.

Another unique feature on many (if not all) of these Cadillac-green Jets is a banjo-style armrest, an accoutrement only shared with the legendary White Penguin model 6134—which, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, was produced in batch 263XX immediately after the second mini batch of Cadillac-green Jets.

After a quick glance at my infos I do however expect some problems confirming your ideas. After the war and in 1946 Gretsch banjo making resumed with serial numbers beginning at one (1).

But - they make a splendid starting point - let´s see how it all ends. Five years ago B&D Serenader #36805 five-string sold on ebay. I've got a Gretsch #40 with a Dolar-Zink pot is one of the reasons I believe this to be the case. As Ed has told us the Bacon Rajah brand was made for jobber Chicago Musical Instrument Co. The Rajah is important to Gretsch/Bacon folks because Gretsch continued to make B&D Rajah banjos as we have seen with the 40XXX serial numbers.

Peerless, another Korean manufacturer, also built them until 2008. These guitars can be identified by their "KS" serial number prefix.

Procedure: Gretsch/Bacon serial numbers have been thought to be chaotic and indecipherable.

Research also shows that the switch to the new-for-’54 T-roof headstock motif was complete by serial number 12958, which means this holy grail Silver Jet is one of the last guitars to receive the script logo on its headstock.

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