Cupid predating events

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Com/Predating, you must log onto our website for more options.We have Hotelscombined,, Agoda and Airbnb listed with us, and with such a large base of properties, you will get the best rooms at the best rates!

To add some more unique places to visit in North Las Vegas, you can also pay a visit to the nearest tourist information center. Com/Predating also has some accommodation options nearby.

Com/Predating as well as its vicinity, to not only make your visit special, but also your vacation to North Las Vegas a success!

Starting with the address, this page also has a small button called Show on map.

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During 1st to 31st of August, “Gemini's Love” card can be crafted at King Poring with 520 "Love Breath” and 4 “Intentions of Love”. Mission Accepting Date: 8th to 15th August Mission Complete Date: 8th to 22nd August Event 3: Hand in Hand During the event, two adventurers holding hands for 5 minutes in front of Prontera Divine NPC "Bell Dandy", they will receive a "Cupid's Blessing" each adventurer can only get 2 "Cupid's Blessing" per day and limited to one character.

Event Date: 8th to 15th August Event 4: Happy couples During the event, find the couples based on the hints and take their photos to receive "Cupid's Blessing" and "RO Concert Album Box".100 “Love Breath” can exchange a “Kitty's Blessing”, open to receive one of the following: “Mysterious Box 6.0” , “Mithril” , “Gold Medal” , “Food Voucher” , “Lightning Chain” , “Mora Coin“ , ”Oracle Dust“ , ”Oracle Crystal“ , Zeny *51020, and a 10% chance to receive mouth headwear ”Token of Love“. Event time: 5th Aug to 12th Aug Event 2: Cupid's wish— Total of 5 missions, after finishing 1 mission, you will receive a "Cupid's Appreciation" as the reward.— “Cupid's Appreciation”: Opens to receive "Intentions of Love", “Big Cat Voucher·Ⅰ”, “Big Cat Voucher·Feast" , and one of the following: Zeny5201314— Finishing all 5 missions will receive an exclusive Toy "Kitty Sofa"2."Love Breath”, “Intentions of Love” are the materials to craft “Gemini's Love” card.Each adventurer can only receive 1 per day and limited to one character.Event Date: 15th to 22nd August Event 5: Kitty's Divine During the event, find NPC “Gem Duke” to divine-The power of Love: Recover 520 Hp every 3 sec.-The power of Love: Increase Atk and M. Atk by 3%Event Date 22nd to 29th August Event 6: It is Now or Never – Wedding cost 50% off Event Date: 1st to 15th August Event 7: “Fantasy Generator Feast” Available for a limited time"Forest Deer" themed costume will be available on Fantasy Generator Feast Date: 15th to 29th August Event 8: Big Cat Store Giftbox"True Love Giftbox": Open to receive "Guild's Gift", "Pray Card Pack", and "Gold Medal" (Only available in the main server "Eternal Love")Event Date: 5th to 15th August (Only available in main server "Eternal Love")2.If you are willing to go a little further, there are options ranging from hostels to resorts in North Las Vegas which make for budget as well as luxurious stays.

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