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Colombiafree sex cam to cam no sign ups

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My understanding is that if my uncle were to have them sold, then estate would be responsible for the capital gains taxes where as if I take the stocks and sell them myself then I'm responsible.

The total value of both trusts falls under the million estate tax threshold for this year.

Same for dividends that the estate received while disposing the assets.

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Unless there are substantial net gains in the trust, the most effective way to distribute the trusts would be to liquidate them and distribute cash.

Most likely the gains or losses will be passed out to the beneficairies pro rata, so don't worry about taxation in the trust.

My uncle has stated that he would prefer to divide everything in its current form.

So for each of the stocks in the portfolios he would receive 2 shares and my brother and I would each received 1 ech (everything was supposed to be slit 50-50 between him and my father, but since my father has already passed away his share is split evenly between my brother and I).

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