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Chubby chaser - pink speed dating kills

I am in pretty solid shape, and I often find myself asking her for tips and advice.My wife has never once blamed anything or anyone but herself for her weight.

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In the interest of keeping this short, I am not going to share every milestone on my journey of personal growth.

Suffice to say that I gradually warmed to the idea of dating bigger girls.

You see, when I was in high school it wasn't "cool" to date a "fat chick." A couple years after I graduated high school I found myself in a relationship with a girl who for all intents and purposes was "hot" but was volatile and high maintenance.

(NOTE: I am not accusing "hot" girls of having these traits.

A couple of them even showed some serious interest in me.

But back then I wasn't mature enough to know a good thing when I saw it.

But I also do not think that my attraction for bigger girls is anything abnormal, nor is it something to be embarrassed about. But I will recognize that it is not necessarily mainstream, and I have had my preferences questioned by others along the way. Well, I am 32 years old and while I believe that I have always had this preference, only when I got serious about dating did I actually acknowledge it.

I would go so far as to theorize that I am just hardwired for it. I can recall as early as high school thinking that some of the bigger girls in my class were cute.

I often found myself thinking, "Maybe I'd enjoy that and be a happier person if that were the case." At any rate, one time a girl heard her say this.

This girl had a very pretty face, but was short and chubby.

She may never reach her weight that she was at when we got married. But I know something about her that I suspect is true about a lot of overweight women and men.

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