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Heathers, True Romance, Pump Up the Volume, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Broken Arrow, Interview with the Vampire, The Name of the Rose, Untamed Heart, Very Bad Things, Kuffs, Hard Rain, Mindhunters, Mobsters, Bullet to the Head, The Legend of Billie Jean, Gleaming the Cube, Windtalkers, Alone in ...

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There's a real story that goes along with it and a movie seemed like the right kind of transition to make. The movies I've made at a certain time of my life were exactly right for the stage of my life, the frame of mind I was in at the time.Christian Michael Leonard Slater (born August 18, 1969) is an American actor.He made his film debut with a small role in The Postman Always Rings Twice before playing a leading role in the 1985 film The Legend of Billie Jean.During his interview and director's commentary on the DVD for The Name of the Rose (1986), director Jean-Jacques Annaud reported that after 15-year-old Christian Slater had been cast as "Adso of Melk", he was asked to read with three actresses auditioning for the role of "The Girl".He read first with Valentina Vargas and was scheduled to read with the other two actresses the next day, but that evening, he sent his mother (casting agent Mary Jo Slater) to tell Annaud that young Christian was so smitten with the 22-year-old Vargas that he didn't want the other two women to be considered. Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2006 Razzie Award nominating ballot.Christian was joking with a reporter in one of his first interviews, and it was somehow printed as fact.

He actually stated that he regretted mentioning it, as he still gets asked about the "Halloween costume gone bad" nearly two decades later.

He was a suggestion in the Worst Actor category for his performances in Alone in the Dark (2005) and Mindhunters (2004).

However, he failed to receive a nomination, had he gotten the nomination, it would have been his first in 14 years.

For me, I think it's just about getting clearer on my whole life and who I am in order to make it possible for me to play whatever character is presented to me at a particular time. I always looked at it as though I was as real as Elliot imagined me to be, and that was pretty real.

Some of the characters that I played as a kid were rebellious teenagers, and people would see those performances and project a particular image onto me. I am there as his partner, as his protector, and as his enemy.

He was previously nominated for Worst Supporting Actor at the 1992 Razzie Awards for his roles in Mobsters (1991) and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)).