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Some of it may seem like common sense but I have learned to never assume my kids “know better”.We ended up having some really good conversations as a result of going over this cell phone contract with her.

I would then point out many children in her class who, in fact, did not own a cell phone.

If you are giving a phone to a child in middle school, internet access is a bad idea.

There are too many temptations for an age group that is already struggling with difficult physical and emotional changes.

However, while I’m a firm believer in holding out as long as possible, there is a point where providing our children with a cell phone of their own becomes inevitable.

It’s just a part of life for this generation and you want to be able to help guide your child as they learn how to navigate this technology.

For us, the time came when my daughter was in 7th grade.

With four kids in our family, in three different schools with different bus pick-up times and different schedules for activities, it became a necessity for us to be able to reach our daughter more easily.That’s why setting cell phone rules for tweens and teens is so important.Here was how we handled this new parenting milestone: First, we had to decide what phone and plan made sense for her. That car has too many options and far too much power for a highly under experienced driver.Related: Why My Kid Doesn’t Have Social Media We chose to give our daughter a phone with the browser removed and she is unable to access the web.The privilege of even having a phone was enough for her to handle at first.There are a variety of options for phones these days and we looked at many of them before choosing the phone and plan we did for our teenage daughter. It is better to provide a less glamorous, safe, steady vehicle at a more reasonable price point.