Celebrity victims of dating violence

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Nevertheless, domestic awareness of the issue has been steadily growing since a landmark anti-domestic violence law went into effect in March 2016.In the aftermath of Jiang’s arrest, public opinion has widely diverged: There are Jiang’s fans — and the fans of celebrities who have defended Jiang — and then there are those condemning the abuse of women for any reason and calling for everyone to calm down.“Maybe you [celebrities] are his good friends ...

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Three months later, in July, he announced his relationship with Nakaura.

VCGEven after Jiang apologized to Nakaura via his social media account and turned himself in to police, his celebrity friends — both male and female — have continued to defend him.

The well-known actor Hu Ge, said he felt sad for Jiang’s mistake and noted how pure and childlike Jiang had been when the two worked together on a TV drama in 2011.

Yu wrote in a retweet, “I’m on his side,” and Jiang Mengjie commented, “It takes two to tango” — but both posts were deleted after netizens accused the two celebrities of blaming the victim and enabling the abuser.

Both later apologized for their “improper” words, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy some of their critics.

She broke her pelvic bone after being dragged for 300 metres while holding onto the handle of Arthur’s car door following an argument.

But she says it was not the first time things turned violent between the couple.According to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, Nakaura claimed he’s been beating her ever since.A screenshot of a news segment about Jiang Jinfu is aired on Fuji Television Network.“It would have been better if you had been the one abused, then [Jiang] wouldn’t have had to go to jail,” commented one user under the actress’s apology.Some netizens who claim to be close to the couple — or at least to Jiang — have claimed that Nakaura is no stranger to tumultuous relationships and accused her of involvement with the yakuza.Here’s a look at five Mzansi stars who have opened up about their abuse.