Bottom feeder dating

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Men who don’t work generally are bottom feeders, and commit social murder (or at least assault) all the time by sucking life — emotional, spiritual, mental, financial — out of others and using it for themselves.

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When you hire an investigator, make sure you keep the information profile simple because all you need to know is whether this Japanese stunner is actually rich or not. It turns out that murderers and rapists are chick magnets. Of course they only attract a certain type of woman, but I think it is that type of woman I’m talking about when I refer to women who love men who won’t work.A man who doesn’t work, or one who rapes, or kills, is like catnip for some women — they just find it irresistible.Some may cry “unfair” that I lump all of these categories of men together, but I think it’s safe to say that all of these are considered bottom feeders in our society, and usually for good reason.While I’d be the first person to extend a break, and true compassion, to any man really trying to change, regardless of his offenses against society or any individual, I also believe in calling a spade a spade.They got married quickly because that American guy was looking for a wealthy Asian wife as he didn’t want to marry down and didn’t want to be taken advantage of by poor and lazy women.

Yet the truth is his Japanese wife wasn’t really rich.Be honest with yourself about why bottom-feeding men gravitate to you, then get the help you need. Start treating yourself with the same compassion with which you treat your best girlfriends. Your tomorrows don’t have to be like your yesterdays.Don’t accept any man in your life that you don’t want your daughters to accept in theirs. Chloe says things have gotten so bad Daniel may not want anything to do with her anyway. Chloe is starting to wonder if they’re meant to be together considering her trust issues. Nicole finds Dick in the poker den and tells him they’re in the clear since EJ’s going to clear Arianna of the muggings.Nicole wishes Sami knew about what EJ did but she’ll have to settle for EJ setting up life with a bottom feeder.Nicole assures him she’s excellent at keeping a secret and they part ways.

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