Artintimidatinglife com

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Artintimidatinglife com

Hey Les, i'm also having trouble emailing you as my laptop won't allow it , laptop drama not yours, anyway could you please send me your email address as i am very interested in getting some work done. Me along with another 3 family members are looking to get work done...

in fact, I'd probably forget that I have it if it wasn't for people always commenting to me on how much they like it.All the best and we will see you before to of love Jo.Hey Les buddy, it's been a couple of days since you did my Marilyn Monroe/ Skull piece; I'm absolutely blown away every time I look at it mate; You did an awesome job, this is evident as I booked another appointment with you straight after you finished it haha.I provide all clients with full written instructions on after care, as well as a verbal explanation of what is required.We also sell, at cost price, the finest after care products to ensure you get the best result possible to wear with pride for many years to come.We are Australians im sure you hear the story of Doujon Zammit, the Aussie who was killed in Greece but donated his organs saving four lives... sent an enquiry a few weeks back and just resent it to get some ink done by you..

I cant email you some thing is popping up so if you can send me ur email or even post it on here that will be great thanks alot! Your achievemtns are impressive as i am an Art Dealer and have evry confidence your the man for the job! Cameron i am unable to contact you,i would kindly appreciate it if you wouldnt mind sending me your email adress i have some enquiries about a dimebag darell portrait i would love you to do for me.thankyou so much,pamela. Am looking at getting into tattooing as I'm in a situation where I am unable to do my Bachelor of Fine Arts and need to make money some how through my passion.I'm driving through Sydney in Dec and would like to stop in to discus?? I hear there is third she is a ledg that girl give her a big hello...well done; checked over your site, amazing and you deserve everything that has come your way. You are truley Talented and have every right to share that I hope you still have my arm band in your draws somewhere I think my son may want to get that done and if not do not worry we have plenty to go off.Hey Les, just thought i would have to tell how amazing the turtle you did for me turned out its really come to life now its healed.. Hey Les, I just have to say thanks heaps for doing your Pegasus for me. Cheers, Paul Hey Les, I was lucky enough to be tattooed by you at Chameleon earlier this year and heard you were coming back.You are a master of both your arts and i look forward to working with you again as soon as possible. Its a great work of art and I'm really proud to be wearing it. Would love another tattoo by u so could u send me ur e-mail, cant access it though the site! I'm having trouble trying to send yourself and email.This is fine for a piercing, but by the time skin is prepared for tattooing and the stencil applied, the anaesthetic is rendered ineffective.

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