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One reason the devil may hone our focus on getting a spouse is because he would rather us do that than use the time we have for something else, such as missions.Yes, by all means, if you want to explore Christian dating, and you feel God calling you in that direction, you should follow His plan.

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Scripture: (Ecclesiastes ) Cognitively, I know we can figure that this is a flat-out lie.Whether a Christian has divorced multiple times or is well into their thirties with no seeming spouse on the horizon, believers may feel as though they are not completely whole without a ring and a husband or wife attached to them.How to combat this lie: Know that completeness cannot and will not ever come from other people.Scripture: (Jonah 2:9) At 22, I’ve had my family, church body, and various other Christians badger me for the past four years about when I will find my significant other.After all, my older sister married at 22, mom at 19, grandmother at 18. Seeing that God doesn’t intend for me at this current time to pursue a long-term relationship, I can often feel that pressure to rush a relationship.But sometimes filtered Instagram wedding photos and cute anniversary pictures can make it seem like married couples faced fewer worries in life.

Even I made the mistake of thinking my sister had it easier than myself because she had a husband she could confide in.

” Or, “You need to be OK to be single before God will grant you a spouse.” Yes, I got these talks since I was about fourteen.

Each of the above quotes goes askew for a number of reasons. I’m sure we could argue we’re more mature than some Christians who have entered marriage, etc.

Singles Christians, it seems, can get bombarded from all sides in spiritual attack.

From social media to even sometimes within the walls of our own churches, lies can come from every direction and fill the minds of those who walk faithfully in the Lord.

Second, if marriages rested on the need to love yourself enough, no marriages would take place.

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